Relax… - Leah Jantzen
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Sounds simple enough, right?

Yeah I thought so too.

Turns out I had a lot of trouble doing this.

Let me explain.

On Sunday I finally went for a much-needed, LONG overdue massage. With 4 kids, a full business, a household to run AND a new fitness program, saying I was SORE and STRESSED was an understatement.

So I decided to practice what I preach and take care of ME without guilt or self sabotage.

I entered this very quiet place where people were whispering and no one was making any sudden movements. Already I was out of my element. Everyone in my house screams at the top of their lungs, objects random fly through the air on a consistent basis and everything moves at warp speed.

I start to wonder, am I in heaven??

They took one look at me and knew this was NOT something I do everyday. Gently they took me by the hand and explained the options while showing me where to undress. I was so mesmerized by the calmness that I must have seemed in an almost catatonic state.

What initially began as a 30 minute session quickly turned into 45 minutes the moment I became horizontal. I actually moaned as a laid on the table–she hadn’t even touched me yet.

Yep, just laying down was enough to cause me to exhale.

The first time she asked me to RELAX, I felt like saying, “Lady I AM relaxed, you have no idea.”

For some reason my body would not comply with my brain. She kept saying, “RELAX” as if I wasn’t listening, or that I wasn’t capable. She kept pushing down on my arm, saying, “like this…”

The scary thing was that I was having trouble “letting go” of my muscles, of my mind, of my life…

When we are so go-go-go all the time, we forget how to simply RELAX.

After repeated requests and many conscious attempts on my part to relax, I eventually got the hang of it and she was able to work her magic on my aching muscles and tired body.

What I realized is that if we don’t “practice” what we need to do, our bodies quickly forget how to engage in something as simply as RELAXING…

Many clients tell me how engrossed they are in their business that they never have time to (fill in the blank). For some its reading a fiction novel or going to the movies. For others its simply sleeping in on a weekend morning or taking a long, hot bath.

What activity have you not “practiced” in a really long time?

Your challenge this week. Pick something you LOVE to do. Something you have trouble “letting go” enough to actually do.

Now DO it. And enjoy it.

I give you permission ?

You’re welcome.