About Leah - Leah Jantzen
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About Me

hello everybody – my name is leah.

I’m on a mission: To empower athletes of every age and ability—and make them realize that most of the limiting factors to performance are the self-defeating beliefs in their own minds. But here’s the thing: You put those beliefs there, which means you have the power to take them away.” — Leah Jantzen

Leah Jantzen is a self-help author, speaker, triathlete and performance coach living on Long Island. Leah is a firm believer in the infinite potential residing in every one of us, and has dedicated her life to helping others realize it.

The creator of Train Your Brain—a system for boosting mental fitness—Leah instructs her clients to clearly see an athletic goal in their mind, then guides them through the process of training their bodies to achieve that goal, utilizing the same principles she used to build a successful business.

Leah’s clients walk away from their sessions with an ability to hyper-focus on a goal, minimizing the myriad distractions that beset all of us in everyday life. Her unique system is a version of triangle theory: one wall of the triangle is health and family, one is career, and the third encompasses all of one’s ultimate dreams and goals.

“At any given time, two of these facets of the self are prioritized while the third takes a back seat,” Leah explains. “For most of us, those are the family and career facets. That’s normal, but if you’re going to find balance and pursue the third facet with all your dreams and goals, then you need tools to block out distractions—to weed out anything non-essential in your life.”

The discipline and mental toughness required to root out trivial nonsense can be developed—if you know how to train your mind.

“The mind is a muscle that needs to be strengthened, same as any other part of the body,” Leah says. “Everyone has another level of mental toughness that they’re not even aware of. I help them find it.”

Proving the maxim that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, Leah ran her first marathon at the age of 42. Upon crossing the finish line, the mother of four was immediately hooked, spring-boarding from one marathon to the next, and going on to compete in triathlons. After consistently finishing in the top 2% of her age group, she ultimately qualified for the Iron Man World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2020, an unthinkable feat just a few short years ago.

“If you can combine visualization, action, and positivity, then there’s really nothing that’s off-limits,” says Leah, who worked as a life coach for years before trying her hand at serious athletic competition. “But even as a long-time believer in this principle, I subconsciously allowed self-limiting beliefs to creep into my psyche. Identifying those beliefs, figuring out why they were there, and then proving them to be untrue is one of the most immensely satisfying experiences of my life. Everyone has these limiting beliefs, and I want everyone whose life I touch to experience that same incredible feeling of overcoming them—and realizing that they’re capable of anything.”

Want Leah to help show you what you’re really capable of? Contact her HERE.

Meet Coach Leah Jantzen, M.S.

Leah Jantzen is a Life and Business Strategist who works with highly motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, creative individuals looking to make profound changes in their lives. She EMPOWERS her clients to reach new heights with their innate abilities and talents.

Leah dramatically expands her clients’ vision of what’s possible. Her clients live bigger and experience higher levels of personal and professional success.

Leah received her professional training through Coach University, a worldwide leader in coach training. Leah also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Long Island University at C.W. Post College. Before starting her coaching business, she was a guidance counselor for 12 years in her hometown on the North Shore of Long Island.

Leah spends her “free time” driving her three elementary school-aged children to basketball, piano, soccer and baseball while traveling to club volleyball tournaments with her 16 year old daughter. She and her husband Michael enjoy watching sports together and can be found cheering on the local New York sports teams. Leah can also be found lifting weights at Real Deal Fitness or Orange Theory, swimming at the local pool, running in Old Field or on her bike at Heckscher Park—basically any form of exercise will do! Leah lives in Setauket, New York a small hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, and especially enjoys the beautiful summer months on the beach.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

~John Quincy Adams