Do You Have “Business Muscles?” - Leah Jantzen
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Do You Have “Business Muscles?”

As many of you know I turned 40 in January and lived to blog about it ?

At that time, I was in relatively good shape—thin and fitting into all my clothes. But something was missing…

I wasn’t feeling as strong as I used to feel. I wasn’t feeling my BEST anymore, as if I was slipping ever so slightly.

And being the competitive person that I am, I wanted to fight this feeling and do something about it. So I joined Crossfit.

I stepped OUT of my comfort zone and placed myself in a situation that was unknown, scary and intimidating. Best part is, I didn’t HAVE to do this. I was just fine the way I was. Skinny and fit on the outside, but weak and struggling on the inside.

But if we want to be better, and I did, we have to challenge the status quo and try something new and scary.

So I ask you: Where can you challenge yourself in YOUR life or business?

Where do you feel “weak” and need to “strengthen up” to be better?

As a result of my challenge I am feeling incredible. I am no longer intimidated by the younger and stronger people at the gym. I am actually emerging as a leader, teaching and inspiring new members that join. I feel empowered by my success and sharing it with them gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives them hope.

“Really?? You just started in January and you can already do that?” is what I hear from them.

What started as a humbling experience (believe me its still humbling), has turned into an empowering and strengthening (not in the weights sense) experience for me.

So now I challenge you.

In business we can get complacent. Things seem “good enough” so we don’t challenge them. Getting by becomes the norm, and even though we are dissatisfied with the results overall, we are too scared to rock the boat and make it BETTER.

Take a good look at what you have. Is there a nagging feeling about something you need to address?

Do you find yourself constantly coming back to the same issue and saying, “I really need to do something about this…”

Then do it.

Address it.

Tackle it.

Make it BETTER…

You will grow “Business Muscles” in the process, I promise.

Don’t accept the status quo, challenge it.

I’d love to cheer you on as you take on this challenge.
As you know from this video, I believe we all need cheerleaders in our corner. I’d love to be that for YOU!!

Comment below or email me, [email protected] about a current challenge you are facing. I want to support you and help you build some muscles.

Until next time, dig deep, fight hard and finish strong.