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I’m a mom on a mission: To show other moms that having babies and running a business are not mutually exclusive.

That it IS possible to create a life that mirrors the most important values in your life, including your family and your career.Moms of the world, I invite you to STOP settling for the “status quo” and START taking a chance on your dream of being home with your kids AND being ambitious.

Less than 2 years ago, I took a leave of absence from my 6 figure stable career to become a stay at home mom who balanced babies, bottles, and my ambition. Within 1 year, I matched my annual salary from my former job with my coaching business, working part time AND spending more time with my children.My mission was to design a work life that fit my family’s needs. I’ve done that, and you can do it, too.

What would your life look like if you worked half the hours, made the same amount of money, and didn’t have to pay for daycare if you didn’t want to?

This and more is possible when you rock your business while rocking your babies.Join the mission and design your work life to fit your family’s needs!

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What My Client have to say

"When I first met Leah, I proposed that I might be either a great client or an awful client: great, because I have extensive training in individuals and change; or awful because I can’t stand change any more than the next person! In the initial consult, Leah described how professional/life coaching differs from counseling. She explained that while counseling tends to dwell on events and emotions as a means to understand, coaching seeks to define action plans and supply accountability and support for the changes that I want to create. With Leah’s clear explanation of the coaching process, I felt inspired to contract with her to help me identify my most important goal and move toward it. I "

Beth Jenkins Smith Organization Development Consultant/ Mom of two boys

"“Thank you for the amazing coaching that I received from you. Not only are you a beautiful person on the outside, your inside SHINES and the wealth of knowledge you share does wonders! I was struggling in my life with time management BIG TIME. With 4 kids and building a very successful business, I was so out of balance. This affected my business, my family and ME. While being coached by you, I was able to SET BOUNDARIES. It feels so good to say that! As my father in law always reminds me, I COME FIRST, I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF ME. I feel so great as I am back in the gym at least 4 days a week, I have set “working” hours, as this is why I got involved in my business – I wanted to be abl"

Debi Sudaley Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International, Setauket, NY

"“I began my journey with Leah, February 2010, at the time, I was an Area Manager, and just lost the only District Manager I had on my team, needless to say, I was just maintaining my Area. After our first call, Leah identified my “block”, and from that time forward, my life changed! I started looking for “professional/successful” people just like myself and that is who I attracted into my business. I now love Monday mornings as I have my “accountability” call with Leah, together we set the course for the week and when you have someone that is “holding you accountable”, you do it. One of the best things about working with Leah is that I uncovered some things that were rig"

Sandy Spina Regional Vice President, Arbonne International, Alexandria,VA

"“Leah is an inspiration for anyone from any walk of life who is searching for their place to land. She’s motivating, challenging, and straight to the point about giving yourself permission to let go of the junk that’s holding you back. It’s her tenacity to keep catapulting forward, and her own, “Let’s do it” energy that make her a remarkable coach and entrepreneur.”"

Rick Clemons CEO, Concentric Elements dba The Coming Out Coach & The Gay Man’s Life Coach

"“Leah has the GIFT. She truly sees through all of our own road blocks and gently guides you to the place you have been looking for. You need to be ready to work and dig in the very places you are trying to avoid. Her ability to love you right where you are is key. Get on her schedule, now.”"

Sarah Boardman-Miller

"My personal coaching session with Leah served as a wake up call. Her gentle, “tell it like it is” attitude opened my eyes to areas of my business that needed improvement. She provided genuine answers and solutions, and I am excited to use them to grow both personally and professionally. Thank you, Leah!"

Shannon Burgwald Stella & Dot Independent Stylist

"“Leah has been very instrumental in my personal and career life. She has empowered me to open up and reach my goals. Her wisdom, advice and enthusiasm has helped me with my mindset. Her own life experience tied in with her guidance. She has made me a stronger person. I won’t forget the details of the sessions we had as the discussions have all left a strong mark on me. Leah is very good at what she does. She is a wonderful coach!!”"

Iris Devita Photographer, Huntington, New York

"I have never been more inspired, encouraged and pushed to reach my goals than when talking with Leah. She brings a real zest for life, a listening ear and a keen question asking ability to each conversation which pushes me to take leaps of faith and believe in myself like never before. If you are looking for a partner who will point you towards the stars you must work with Leah! Not only will she be an asset to your business but I guarantee you will come out with a friend for life too."

April O’Leary Life Coach and Founder of UofMoms.com

"Leah’s Sizzling Summer Strategy coaching session was amazing! I thought I had things figured out but Leah helped me discover that I was trying to do too much, then she helped me narrow down my focus to the key activities that will build my business and increase cash flow. She saved me the very costly mistake of wasting time and effort. Since my session, decisions about what to take on, which tasks to complete, and where to focus have been brain-dead simple because I have my priorities clearly outlined. Thank you so much Leah! I’m looking forward to rockin’ the New Year in the same way."

Sandy Fowler Creator of Heart Filled Holidays

"“I attended Leah’s calls and free online sessions, because at the time, I couldn’t afford to hire her as a coach. I was freelancing and struggling with income at the time, but I kept following her on social media and listening to her videos. I would apply every bit of her advice. She is an AMAZING and GENEROUS coach, who does not just provide quality content on her online platforms, but really LISTENS to the immediate needs of her clients and followers. I’m happy to say that she has one of the most informative, practical and applicable web shows I’ve watched! Thanks, Leah, for always inspiring me. Today, I am now a small business owner, doing work that I love (blog coaching and wri"

Martine de Luna Work-Life Editor & Blissful Business Service Provider


Leah’s coaching is phenomenal. She provides her clients with so much more than support and a sounding board. She is a ninja-problem-solver and expert motivator. She walks the talk and has a life to be emulated. I would HIGHLY recommend her if you are a business owner or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. She has the experience and resources that will save you time, money and more importantly frustration. You will feel as if someone truly ‘has your back’ and cares deeply about your success. If you are even considering hiring a coach, you need look NO further. If you are lucky enough to have her accept you as a client, I suggest you jump at the opportunity. Your results will exceed"

Suzanne Hansen Baby Sleep Coach and Founder of Ruby Sky Coaching

"“My recent coaching experience with Leah has been extraordinary. In just a short couple of months, Leah has helped me become a more confident and poised leader. I truly looked forward to speaking with Leah during our once a week sessions. So much, that I’ve decided to continue working with her once a month to stay connected! She has become a good friend…someone who I trust deeply and would highly recommend to anyone who has the desire to develop as an individual and enhance their life. When I first began working with Leah, my calendar was extremely full. So full, that I was having trouble deciding what I should tackle first. Leah taught me to take large tasks and break them down int"

Krista Perry Cumberland, RI

"“I have been lucky enough to work with Leah Jantzen as my life coach for a couple of months so far. Leah has an incredible personality and charisma over the phone which matches her beauty in person. Sessions with Leah truly aided me to see myself from a different perspective. Without a judging pair of ears she can listen to what you are saying and help interpret it to what you are truly feeling deep down. She enabled me to step back and evaluate my life and feel in charge of my life again. Working with Leah helped me to realize how to organize my life to maintain balance and become as successful as I could be. I truly felt like Leah and I connected on so many levels and that she knew exact"

Ashley Alcorn Alexandria,Virginia

"Leah has a wonderful energy about her first of all, which is truly contagious, even over the phone. She is a wonderful listener – you really feel that she cares about your problems and genuinely wants to help you meet you get a plan in place to meet whatever challenge or challenges you might have. Often times in life we get so caught up in trying to accomplish a million different things that we can become discouraged at the sheer number of challenges we face or the enormity of one particular challenge. Leah does a great job not only helping you break down your challenges (“divide and conquer”); she also is great at helping you to figure out what it is that might be holding you back fro"

Lincoln Gaffney Writer/Consultant, Washington, D.C.

"I have just finished nine sessions of coaching with Leah Jantzen over a three month period and want to affirm how valuable these sessions have been to me. Leah is a great listener. Through her coaching, I was able to unload my frustrations and gain new insights into my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to discuss and analyze my experiences in building my business and create new ideas for training and handling difficulties. I also became better organized in the way I approach my business and was able to develop more effective strategies for building my team. I have a very strong feeling that I am about to launch into a new and rapid growth phase. It feels as if I’ve spent the last thr"

Robert Esguerra Springfield, Virginia

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