About Leah

Meet Coach Leah Jantzen, M.S.

Leah Jantzen is a Life and Business Strategist who works with highly motivated, energetic, enthusiastic, creative individuals looking to make profound changes in their lives. She EMPOWERS her clients to reach new heights with their innate abilities and talents.

Leah dramatically expands her clients’ vision of what’s possible. Her clients live bigger and experience higher levels of personal and professional success.

Here is a sampling of goals she is working on with her clients:

  • Taking their dream seriously to publish the book they write every night in their head before falling asleep
  • Starting that business they’ve always dreamed of owning
  • Finding that partner to share their beautiful life with
  • Creating a business that fulfills them as a mother AND as a woman
  • Finding a fulfilling career so they can quit their job that leaves them uninspired and underutilized
  • Upgrading their community and surrounding themselves with people that unconditionally support them

Leah received her professional training through Coach University, a worldwide leader in coach training. Leah also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Long Island University at C.W. Post College. Before starting her coaching business, she was a guidance counselor for 12 years in her hometown on the North Shore of Long Island.

Leah spends her free time chasing her two pre-school age sons, keeping up with her precocious nine year old daughter and snuggling with her one year-old baby girl. She and her husband Michael enjoy watching sports together and can be found cheering on the local New York sports teams. Leah is an avid tennis player, runner and Crossfit junkie–perfect outlets for her competitive spirit. Leah lives in Setauket, New York a small hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, and especially enjoys the beautiful summer months on the beach.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

~John Quincy Adams


From Idea to Income

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